Georgia Pyrenees Rescue is a  group of independent rescuers led by  Charlie Fisher and Pegi Black. We rescued about 30 dogs last year, and we placed them in permanent. good homes. That is our goal, to place our pyrs in loving homes, where they will live a wonderful life. We need your help. Take your time deciding which dog is going to be the perfect one for you. We will make sure that the dog is in good health before you adopt. We are in the process of opening a new rescue in Maiden, NC.

We have a petfinder site  at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/GA546.html


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  1. Hi. we are looking for a great pyrenees to keep with our goats on our 140 acres farm. A pup is prefered or under a year. Gender doesnt matter. Will go to great home with lots of animals & people. If you could call me at 478-718-1984 that would be great. Thank You, Kathy Huggins.

    1. You still looking for a Pyrenees? I have one that needs a home but needs some work. Has been with goats all his life but still thinks they are play toys. He needs to be with a big buck for a while so he knows whos boss.
      Let me know ASAP. Has got to go TODAY!

      1. Yes, can you bring him over? Can you send me a picture and tell me a little more about him. Age, neutered, shots, etc

  2. Hello! My family is looking to adopt a pyrenees to keep with our herd of goats on our farm in Georgia. We prefer a young dog in order for us to bond with the dog while it is young. It wil go to a loving family of 4 who is guaranteed to give it lots of TLC!! You may give me a call at 706-456-2241 (home) or 706-318-6465 (cell). Thanks, Vickey Rhodes

    1. Vicky,
      You can fill out an online adoption application on our website

    2. Vicky,
      Have you adopted a Great Pyrenees yet? I have 5 puppies, as well as a couple of other young Great Pyrs. Let me know. Pictures are on my petfinder site

  3. Harley the Family Dog

    Harley is a spayed eleven month old female AKC purebred Great Pyrenees. She is currently about 70 lbs, and her updated medical/shot records are included as well. She is currently on Frontline Plus and Interceptor which is applied on the 3rd week of every month. These medications are important because she is allergic to flea bites and gets a rash. Harley’s diet is Blue Buffalo dry puppy food. This is a very expensive dog food but seems to be the only one she does well with. We have tried less expensive brands but she tends have allergies to wheat and meat byproducts. My family has already relocated to Canada and I stayed behind to handle some real estate issues. We are again placing this ad and hopefully will find her a wonderful home this time around. **We have tried to place ads for her but were very suspicious of the callers…
    *Hoping to find someone with Pyrenees knowledge and experience*

    Harley is left free to roam the house when we are home and crated when we are not home and she sleeps freely in our bedroom during the night. She is completely housebroken and housetrained. She should be allowed to walk for at least fifteen minutes about three to four times a day so that she can relieve himself. In our case we usually let her out our fenced backyard. We feed her the recommended amount of dog food for her weight (4 cups) at 4pm daily and water all day. Also we give her a compressed rawhide bone for her to chew during the day. She loves to be with family and loves car rides and is a good watchdog but loves everyone especially children and animals. She is not aggressive in any way and you can pet her while she is eating and she is patient with children. She loves walks and hikes with me as I make sure she gets exercise for her well being. She loves to play fetch with a Kong Ball or a long Rawhide stick. Pyrenees need brushing and they shed…She also walks well on a leash.
    ***Harley is strictly an indoor family dog not an outside dog***
    We are hoping that she finds a home with a family that is active and is willing to exercise her.
    In conclusion, we would like for her new family to not only be caring, but a family that is able to financially care for her well being (shots-flea/tick control-worms (Frontline Plus & Interceptor) & grooming). A loving family need only apply.
    We reside in Woodstock and are looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. How is she with other dogs? I have 2 german shepherds. Maggie is 8 yrs old and 80 lbs and Loki is 6 yrs old and 125 lbs. I also foster for the German Shepherd Rescue of Georgia. We are looking to adopt a 3rd dog and have 1.5 acres, 3/4 of which is cleared yard for them to play in. We have an underground fence but we live on a cul-de-sac and are not near any busy streets. I am a stay at home mom so the dogs have someone with them 90% of the time. They only go outside with someone and are exercised regularly. That is pretty much a requirement for a GSD!

    Send me an email if Harley is available and you would like to meet.

  5. I have a beautiful great Pyrenees that needs a good home with lots of room to run. He is 11 mths old and a big baby. We just don’t have enough to keep him occupied. He is very active Please email
    Me for pics. He has been neutered has all current shots and a new tick and flea collar. He just need a big area to play on a farm or large acreage preferred.

    1. hello, we have a 2+ year old great pyranees female. she is not a good herd dog, as she is sooo playful. she is very large and we are looking for a large male to come live with us and her. she lives outside in a huge fenced area with a barn to sleep in. she needs a playful companion..the sooner, the better. are you still looking for a home for yours?

    2. Still have him?

  6. I have a Great Pyrnese that is 5yrs old. I do not have the papers on him only his shot record. I’m looking for somewhere to place him. We live in a subdivision and our yard is not fenced in. He needs a place to run and play. If you could send me a phone number so I can talk with someone please.
    Thank You

    1. Where do you live? Can you send me a picture of him. I have several people looking to adopt a Great Pyrenees right now, so we should be able to help.

      1. Yes, I can send a pic but I dont see where I can add an attachment from this site. I live south of Atlanta GA.



  9. I have a Female Great Pyrennes that is 3 years old. She has no papers but is up to date with her shots. Great temperment and loves children. I have never had her on a farm but sure she could be trained. She is an indoor dog that goes out for walks. I need to get rid of her soon as we have to move by the end of this month and the apartment complex will not take her. Don’t want to take her to the pound but am running out of options.

    1. Where are you located? Our farm is in NE GA

  10. Caryn,

    I have 5 puppies, they are about 9 weeks old, and all white. Where are you located?


    2. I am looking for a male Great Pyrenees. I have two females but need another dog due to an expanding goat farm. Must be a younger dog.

      1. Mike,
        Where are you located? There are several young male Great Pyrenees available right now.

        1. Zebulon Ga. ( about 40 miles south of Atlanta ) 404-925-4165

          1. can you delete my phone number from the previous message. I get calls all of the time thinking that I am the head of the pyrenees rescue. Thanks,

    3. We are looking for a pyra pup! we have 1 that we rescued 5 months ago and he is fixed and a LOVER…we have a large fenced in back yard and 4 kids including 1 with autism that our Lucius is soooooooooo good with. we just LOVE this guy and this breed! :) I do live in Fla, but Lucius has NO problems here..he survived a summer already with out a flea or any skin probs…my kids and hubby and I love em!

  11. We have a male Great Pyrennese,very friendly around one year old. If you can rescue
    this dog please contact us as soon as possible.

  12. Give me a call when you have a chance. 404-925-4165

  13. I live in Northeast Georgia, in Eastanollee, near the intersection of Hwy 145 and West Silver Shoals Rd. I found a stray Great Pyrenees male dog on our street a few weeks ago, so hungry he was eating bugs, fish food and birdseed. He’s white with brown ears and a brown ring around his tail, approximately a year old, not neutered. He is very friendly, looks healthy, loves water, has no tags. There is a goat farm behind us and they have Great Pyrenees herding the goats. I checked with the owners, not their dog. We started calling him Buster. He has started getting aggressive when other dogs come around me so I need to find a good home for him because I don’t know how to train him. If this is your dog, or you know the owner, or if you want to take him in, please call Butch White at 706-599-5250.

  14. I have a momma that is 2years old and one of her puppies that is a male he is 4 month old.They are in need of a good home with alot of other animals and alot of space to rome on.For anymore info please call me at 706-741-8449 thanks

  15. I have a male 2 year old Great Pyrenees, Blitzen, that needs a home. We are doing home dialysis, and I am starting out college, so we no longer have any time for him, so it is not fair to the dog. If anyone would is interested, please call me at 678-493-7340. I live in Canton, GA. I need to find him a home as soon as possible, as my schedule is quickly closing in on me. Thank you

  16. I have a full blooded without papers great pyreneese. She is 2 years old and I rescued her from a bad situation. She needs a good home she loves it indoors and out. please contact mw for more info.

  17. i have lost my great pyrenees and was told by tlc that you were supposed to be picking one up from smithgall in cleveland and i thought it might be her. she has been missing for about a month. she is a 10 month old female solid white. she has double dew claws on both of her back feet. if you have seen her please call me at 706-973-7382. i love her with all my heart and miss her dearly. if you havent seen her please keep an eye out. if you have seen her, her name is yoshimi. yoshi for short. tell her i love her and let me know where i can find you to come get her. thank you.

    1. Ashley,
      I am glad we were able to help you find your dog!

  18. I am in desperate need of an adult great pyr to protect my small flock of sheep from dogs as well as coyotes. Sex doesn’t matter but would prefer and adult that already knows the game. I have working border collies as well.

  19. we have a 16 acres farm in bremen ga that we raise nigerian dwarf goats we have one pyrennese that we got off of craigslist she had been mistreated by her prior owner we have had bella about 2 yrs she needs a companion to play with we would prefer a male not sure how she would take to a female. we will offer a loving home.

    1. reply to BREMEN post — I have a 2 and 1/2 year old male. He was born on a goat farm but has not been around them since he was about 3 months old. He likes to chase the cat but has not messed with the chickens or the rabbits, the chickens run around our yard and there are about 80 rabbits one or two run the tops of the cages and one is out in the yard. But Dozier doesn’t mess with them. If you are still interested in a dog let me know.

  20. Hello, I am a volunteer with a local rescue in Calhoun, GA. We try our best to help with our local animal shelter, Gordon County Animal Shelter, because we too are on a space limitation and funding. There is a Great Pyrenese there, number 562. They euthanize every Friday and after a holding period. Please go to their page on facebook. It is the only way they can get help.

  21. I have found a female great white with tan and brown markings on head and ears. Super sweet. We live in oconee county ga. Anyone missing her? Please contact me. Thanks

  22. please contact me @ ugacandace@gmail.com

  23. looking for a great pyr. male. will take any age. have a small urban homestead in south east ga.

  24. Found a male Great Pyreness in Bethlehem, GA…. Approximately 1-2 yrs old. Very sweet dog…. Collar but no tags…. Trying to find his home or a rescue… No microchip :(

    1. MOnica. If you’ll give me a call – we can come and pick him up. We will take him in. 9124814510. You can text too or leave a message if we don’t answer.

    2. were you able to find owner,family? I am interested if you have not found a home yet.

  25. I found a Great Pyrenees alongside the road near our home. I contacted the vet on its rabies tag and they told me the person who had the dog according to their records had given the dog away and she would contact them to contact me. The man did contact me a short time later, and I reluctantly took the dog to him (less than two miles from our home) Rowdy appeared to be underweight and not in good health. I gave the man my card and told him to call me if he were ever interested in relinquishing him. Well….two weeks later, he called me this evening and wants me to call him back. I am going to call him Wed and see if I can get the dog. I will take him to our vet to have him checked out but we have a boxer and I am not sure they will be a fit. I am contacting you to see if you would be able to help us find him a proper home if we can get him. We live in Valdosta GA – I will keep you posted…just want to find him a good home. Thank you! Dana

  26. Found Male Great Pyrenees in Valdosta GA – we contacted owners who do not want him back – want me to buy him from them. I will buy him but need help with rehoming???

    1. Do you know if this dog is safe with small animals?

      1. We did negotiate him away from his owners and took him straight to our vet. He is approx 2 years old, beautiful sweet boy. He is heartworm positive and eaten up with hookworms and whip worms, but we have treated him and he came through heartworm treatment like a champ. He is terrific with small dogs (my Mom has a Yorkie) very gentle with our boxer male and a complete love. Only drawback is he could dig to CHINA!! We have decided to keep him though. We just can’t part with him. BUT can anyone help me with a diet that will help put healthy weight on him as he is severely undernourished at 85 lbs. Our vet recommended puppy food, but he likes adult food better – I am feeding him cheese and eggs on top of that and he only likes to eat twice daily. Just need some guidance on getting him to a healthy weight. We had Newfoundlands before and he is such a wonderful reminder of that breed. What a gentle giant. Any recommendations on diet is most appreciated!!

  27. I am pulling a father and daughter from kill shelter in Jax, Fl tomorrow. Please email for details. Father is four years old, trained therapy dog for handicapped or autistic kids. AMAZING quiet soul. Daughter is 1/2 great pyr and 1/2 Newfie. I year old. Both fixed, utd on shots, need room to run and high fences- looking for owner who died four months ago. Contacted Terry in my state but she must be swamped. If you want to see pics, I’ll send them as soon as I get the dogs out of the shelter. Please help me- we have four acres, but Goliath scales four foot fence and roams on major highway. I don’t want these dogs euthanized.

  28. I’m looking for a guardian for my chickens, ducks and other small barnyard animals. If anyone has or knows of anything in south GA please let me know.

  29. we have a Great Pyreness he is fixed and proberly half grown looking for someone who has a farm or a good home for him .

    1. Rhonda,
      Can you send me a picture of him?

  30. There is a Big, beautiful Great Pryenesse sitting in the Gwinnett Co AC shelter in GA with no rescue and no interest. Please if your considering this breed give him a look. He is now listed as URGENT. I started to get a little worried for him. Please look at his post. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=390919937627017&set=a.254141721304840.79268.177022222350124&type=3

    I hope this link works, if not please go to Gwinnett CO AC in Lawrenceville, Georgia website or look them up on FB to see him. He is absolutly gorgeous. Please someone help him get out of the shelter and harms way. If your not familiar with shelter, this is a high kill shelter and he is now at risk. Thanks all who care enough to please look.

    1. I had someone call there and they told us that they have a hold on this PYR

  31. I’m looking for a great Pyrenees to give to my friend to guard her goat herd because some of them have been going missing. It has to be a young dog so it can bond with her children. Male or female, fixed or not, this dog would be going to a great loving home will a lot of room to run.

    1. I have several that might work for her. Where is she located?

  32. Katie, did you find a home for Hennessey?

  33. Does anyone know of someone who could rescue 2 Great Pyr from Blue Ridge? If so please send me an email and I will forward the pictures and info. Thank you so much. Hope someone can help before these animals get hurt.

  34. Hi. I’m with Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation in Waynesville, NC. We intercepted an 8 month old Pyr on Monday. Her name is Sheba and she is deaf. We normally refer owner surrenders to the county shelter. However, because she had been though so much and has special needs, we decided to take her into our system. She is currently in a foster home.

    She is incredibly sweet and playful. The first day she was afraid and a bit hand shy, but, she’s quickly learning that all people are not bad people and that hands are for communicating and scratching ears.

    I can provide more information and photos if this is a Pyr you would consider taking into your rescue. If you place state wide, I’d be willing to bet our foster would foster through adoption for you. If not, we’d be willing work out transport to meet someone, or, possibly all the way if needed. We would be happy to work with you in any way possible with this lovely dog. She deserves to live in a safe and happy home that has experience with her special needs. We would just rather her go to breed rescue because you would have MANY more contacts with breed and special needs experience than do we.

    Thank you for considering Sheba. She is really a fabulous dog. Please let me know if you think she may be a fit for your rescue.

    Christy Swanton
    (828) 734-0194 cell
    (828) 246-9050 Sarge’s

  35. We found a Great Pyranese along the road sitting in the rain. She was very scared and covered in ticks. I took her to the vet where they examined her and cleaned her up. They estimated her to be about 6 months old. That was in May of 2012 so she is probably a little over a year old. She is very healthy now and so sweet. We would like to keep her but only have a small area fenced in for her. She needs more room and someone who has the time to excercise her. We love her very much and it is breaking my heart to have to find a home for her but I have to think about her. Can anyone help with finding her a good loving home?

  36. Great Pyrenees @ Hall County Georgia needs adopted or rescued

  37. Debi,
    Will you fill out an Adoption Application? It’s online at


    I will help you find a Great Pyrenees that meets your needs.

  38. I live in Dahlonega. Female Great Pyrenesse has taken up at local business. I assume they will call animal control in next few days. Very friendly. Looks like she has been on the road for a while, lost but loves people and appears to be pure bred. Very calm. If anyone is missing one or is interested. I hate to see her go to local shelter as they often euthanize dogs very quickly.

    1. Mandy,
      Thanks for letting me know about this Pyr. I don’t know of anyone that has lost one in that area, but I will let you know if I do. Can you send me a picture of her?

  39. We have a female sprayed Pyr that is 5 years old, is up to date on all shots and tests. We have to keep her penned in small pen as she goes to neighbors and makes a bed in the middle of his garden. We are older and I’ve just had knee replacement and my husband has degenerative disc disease. We don’t feel it is right to keep Daisy penned all the time. We need to surrender.

    1. Thank you for helping us place our GP. A couple from Waycross came for her and we feel that she has gone to a very good home.

  40. We have a Great Pyrenees female aproximately 2 years old. We need to let go because she is fighting with our dogs she was a stray that we tried to keep that we just arent able. We need to find her a home asap. 678 628 2355

    1. Where do you live? Please fill out the surrender form, and be sure to send me a couple of pictures of her

  41. A friend of my wife found a great Pyr south of Atlanta, she could not take care of the puppy long due to her husband being sick. My wife drove down Saturday with her friend so we could help find her a home. She is a beautiful girl about 1 to 1.5 yrs old. We have a 2 acre lot but no fence. She is a sweet girl and house trained evidently as she knows to go ask to outside. Can you help us place this beautiful girl?

    Cell 678-428-2550

  42. hi. met you @lowes the other day and enjoyed our brief conversation. Still in search for a nice fellow to breed to my Clementine. We use our purse as livestock guardians for goats and chickens. Welcome tot he area!

  43. Looking for Great Pyrenees to guard goats

  44. I have a 15 month old female Great Pyrenees named Coco. She is gorgeous and very sweet. I live in Florida and it is just too hot for her here. She also is not able to roam and adventure like she should be able to so when she escapes my yard it is very hard to get her back! She likes her freedom. I have done training with her and she is a very intelligent dog. Almost too intelligent. I have had her since she was 4 weeks old and she’s sweet as can be. She loves other dogs and would be a great addition to any home. I just don’t have the room for her. I think my lawn is probably 1/3 of an acre….not much by Pyr standards!

    I am looking for someone up north to adopt her. I will bring her to you. She is purebred, registered, and I have the papers for her.

    1. Can you send me a picture of Coco? I have several people interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees right now, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding her a home quickly

  45. I have a greAt pyrenes abandoned at my home she is loving and needs attention any help locating a good home would be appreciated I have 6 rescue dogs already hate to see her lonely and abandoned Help please

    1. Hi Sue, where are you located? I can definitely help you find a home for her. Can you send me a picture? Email it to charlie@pyrrescuega.com or text it to my cell phone 770.652.1582

  46. Can you tell me more about fluffy. Charlie responded that she is available.

  47. I am searching for a great pyrenees dog to rescue. It is for an animal rescue located in virginia.
    The rescue is called Gallastar Theroputic Riding Recue. They already have one but are seeking another to help protect their rescue animals.

    1. Brandy, I am sure that I can help you find a good LGD for your rescue. I was looking over their Facebook page it looks like they need help!

  48. Hey! Looking to rescue a beautiful Pyrenees! I have two small children and acres upon acres of roaming land! (Although I’m looking for an inside companion) (and yes I know they are big!:)) please let me know of any babies needing a good warm home!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn. Yes I do have Great Pyrenees available. Can you fill out the adoption application online

  49. Cindy, thanks for inquiring about adopting a Great Pyrenees from our group. The next step is to fill out the adoption application.


    We do have several 10 week old pups right now, and a couple of young dogs as well.

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