We Rescue Great Pyrenees in NC, SC and Georgia


The Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC is dedicated to the memory of Deborah Walker Robinson. Her life was an inspiration to us all, and we could not have done this without her.

Deborah passed away January 25, 2014 after a long, hard fought battle with ocular melanoma. She loved her family, her church, her pets and her friends. She was kind and generous. She made an impression on people that exemplified the Christian faith that she so deeply held. She always thought of others first and she lived the words of the Bible in her every day life. She motivated me to find a piece of property here in Catawba County and open a dog rescue. She rescued many an animal at her home and in her back yard, but one of her many dreams was to leave a sanctuary for the breed that she grew to love because of her beloved Jackson and Ted. They were Great Pyrenees mixes.

So, we are dedicating this property, this rescue to her memory. We are setting aside a small garden area where we will be placing rocks with the names of all the dogs that she rescued as well as all of the ones this rescue has and will rescue. And believe me, we are going to need a lot of rocks.