We Rescue Great Pyrenees in NC, SC and Georgia

About Us

Georgia Pyrenees Rescue is a  group of independent rescuers led by  Charlie Fisher, Lori Latevola, Suzanne Simpson, Melanie Hester and Deanna Hellinger.  We have already rescued about 20  dogs this year, and we placed them in permanent. good homes. That is our goal, to place our pyrs in loving homes, where they will live a wonderful life. We need your help. Take your time deciding which dog is going to be the perfect one for you. We will make sure that the dog is in good health before you adopt. I recently purchased 2 acres of land in Catawba County, NC (near Catfish) and we are building a permanent Great Pyrenees Rescue with the ability to house 20-30 Great Pyrenees!