Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC

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Learn more about the most noble of dog breeds.There are many sources of information about the Great Pyrenees. Please do your research and  return here when you are ready to start your hunt for a lifelong friend. To fill out an adoption application online, click here.

 With all of the recent coyote activity you may want to consider adopting a Great Pyrenees to protect your farm from these dangerous predators.


About our Rescue Group

The Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC is a  group of independent rescuers led by  Charlie Fisher. We rescued about 80 dogs last year, and we placed them in permanent. good homes. That is our goal, to place our pyrs in loving homes, where they will live a wonderful life. We need your help. Take your time deciding which dog is going to be the perfect one for you. We will make sure that the dog is in good health before you adopt.

If you have a Great Pyrenees that needs adoption or rescue, contact us at: or