Georgia Pyrenees Rescue

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Learn more about the most noble of dog breeds. The Great Pyrenees Club of America maintains a wonderful site, full of information about the Great Pyrenees. Please read through the adoption pages and return here when you are ready to start your hunt for a lifelong friend.


We adopted Johnson on May 2, 2007. He had been turned into Hall County Animal Control. He was wandering around loose up around Dawsonville. They don't know much about him. He was going to be put down on May 3, so we had to go get him ASAP. He's intact, so he will be going over to Hollyberry Animal Hospital for tests and neutering this week.

We list all of our dogs for adoption at Pet If you have a Great Pyrenees that needs adoption or rescue, contact us at or
We currently have 4 dogs in our custody for Foster. Take a look at these handsome dogs and let me know if you are available to adopt or foster one of them.
Porter          Polar  Johnson  Roxanne