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Learn more about the most noble of dog breeds. The Great Pyrenees Club of America maintains a wonderful site, full of information about the Great Pyrenees. Please read through the adoption pages and return here when you are ready to start your hunt for a lifelong friend.



We found Jessie up in Elberton County Animal Control last week. Cathy and Murk Smitherman resuced him from certain euthanasia on July 2nd. They brought him down to us and he was in pretty bad shape. He has fleas and ticks all over him. He was still intact so I took him ASAP over to Hollyberry Animal Hospital for Vet Service. He will get fixed and cleaned up so that we can find him a good home. He is a good natured fella. He seems very gentle and happy to just roam around. He may make a good lifestock guardian dog if someone gets him soon and puts him out with their animals. He didn't bark much while he was here.