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Learn more about the most noble of dog breeds.There are many sources of information about the Great Pyrenees. Please do your research and  return here when you are ready to start your hunt for a lifelong friend. To fill out an adoption application online, click here.

 With all of the recent coyote activity you may want to consider adopting a Great Pyrenees to protect your farm from these dangerous predators.

Porter Has Been Adopted!!!!

We adopted Porter from the Bird Dog Rescue up in Liberty, SC. He spent a long time outdoors and that is where he likes to be. He's a very handsome dog, and very playful and loving. He has a tendency to be aggressive when there is food around, but he is getting much better.
Update on Porter, June 27, 2007
Porter is still with us and is becoming quite an adorable little (100 pounds) pyr. He is almost finished with his house training and I am coaching him on his sit/stay. He loves the 'Down' command. Laying down is his favorite position. He still shows some dominant male traits, and he wants to be the alpha dog! He has a real problem with Fletch, who is also very dominant.
Porter is going to make someone an excellent pet. He is loyal and loving, playful and funny. His head and paws are too big for his little frame, but I am sure he will grow into them.  

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We currently have several dogs in our custody for Foster. Take a look at these handsome dogs and let me know if you are available to adopt or foster one of them.